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Venetian Island II, Miami Beach

Togu: Interior design - relooking architectural design / facades and outdoor
3Design architecture: Architect of Record
7200 SF - 670 m2

Located on Venetian Island this modern tropical house is an architectural jewel.

Advanced features include deep overhangs and highly detailed louvered panels.  Elements are brought from the outside to the inside, and shared interior elements outside making the home and it’s surroundings feel fused and whole.

The use of locally-sourced coral stone combined with hardwood accents introduces sophistication with a sense of belonging.
Interior space is well thought-out for a family, including an open plan well defined by the interior design, custom ceilings, and material upgrades.

Outdoor spaces are located on the seaside with a large deck, a garden with an infinity pool and a 60 ft long boat dock. Oversized sunset rooftop with pool and views on Miami downtown and Miami Beach.

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