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Togu Design is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in high-end residential design, dedicated to the highest levels of detail and creative expression. Formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals, it develops residential projects worldwide, with clients in USA, Canada and Europe. Proportion, innovative use of materials, and functionality are always present in the studio work, and the results are beautiful and highly livable. The office takes a collaborative approach to design, fostering an open exchange of ideas both within the firm and with clients.
Regardless of scale, setting or budget, Togu Design works to design spaces that are specifically tailored to each client’s unique needs and desires.

Since the design process is tailored individually to the client’s program, context, and site, each of the firm’s projects takes on a unique character and appearance. Our longstanding partnerships with leading Architects, landscape architects, builders and artisan craftspeople allow us to design with continuity, precision, and unparalleled sophistication and beauty.

In successfully realizing each project, the integration of a holistic approach is critical to ensuring a considered coherence between the architecture, interiors, and landscape.

Francois Guglielmina leads Togu Design in Miami USA

Principal: Francois Guglielmina


TOGU Design Miami is lead by Francois Guglielmina. Born in France, Francois Guglielmina is a trained French architect DPLG with years of field experience in interior design, approaches every project as a new opportunity to look beyond formulas in search of unexpected insights and inspiration He created 2 decades ago in France with his partner Stephane Torres: TOGU architecture a renowned and award-winning firm. Their success is driven by a design philosophy that connects function and form, and the pursuit of true design to create appropriate solutions. The focus on achieving maximum value has also led to global invitations to design, build and create highly prestigious projects.

Francois is sensitive and visionary. He works projects of varying sizes. Architecture and interiors have confirmed his signature style. The quality of his design and his masterful space management have made him stand out in France and abroad. His “French touch” is highly appreciated in places where an “art de vivre” is of the utmost importance.
A number of hotels and restaurants, luxury fashion houses and private residences have been marked with his incomparable elegance. Within the firm, he draws the plans himself, working on each project down to the last detail in tandem with his team.

1369 Venetian house sketch artistic view of this fantastic house

Our Philosophy

We create enduring design for inspired living. We believe design should be expressive, timeless, and always in unity with the site. Good design increases the quality of life and creativity is the key to having an amazing home.
The Studio place value on formal simplicity and are elaborated with extreme care and attention to details and finishing.
Our highly creative team of designers are committed to meaningful collaborations with clients, enlivened by the power of design.

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