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Golden Beach, Florida

Togu : Architectural & Interior design
EAVarchitect: Architect of Record
20,000 SF - 1800 m2

This stilt house, it’s lifted off the ground to allow a view of the ocean, the natural space and allows a natural air circulation. The 2nd and 3rd floors are organized in superimposed horizontal layers offering formidable panoramic windows with a direct view of the ocean. Volumes are highlighted by the treatment of masonry frames treated with stucco and wooden cladding which offer a contrast of materials. The entrance is highlighted with a set of vertical louvers that let in light and privatize the space. This area integrates the main entrance to the house and access to the garage.


The ground level integrates a gym, outdoor lounges opened onto a large swimming pool and cabana. The landscaping is beautifully treated with tropical trees and plants. The 2nd floor includes large open living spaces: great room, dining, family room, kitchen areas, 3 bedrooms and a Guest suite. A set of open roofs allows the interior connection of the different spaces and floors and offers generous double height ceilings. The 3rd floor includes the Master bedroom, 4 bedrooms and an office. A large accessible roof Terrace is intended for relaxation and for admiring the sunsets.

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